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Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Fans-Rave Fashion Goddess

Rave Fans

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Amazing 26" Inch "EDC" or Custom Word Rave Fans !

The perfect accessory you have been looking for!
Great for performing, a sexy night out or your next festival like EDC, or Ultra !


No more cheap paper or broken little fans, no more feeling hot and sweaty while you dance the night away you can look sexy and dazzle everyone you meet! I get tons of compliments on mine!!!

Everyone loves when there's someone with a fan around, it's a great way to meet new friends!

I don't know about you but I NEED a fan at a rave or festival to help me survive the heat! It's instantly makes you come alive and feel revived! Pair it with a small spray bottle and you'll be QUEEN of the fest !!!

Perfect gift for any fellow obsessed festie, raver, edm fan or Kandi Kid!
Get admiration and props from both girls and guys while you roam the fest!

Fans can be customized and personalized with different color glitters, words in glitter and/or Jewels can be added to the side edges.

*** Allow 1-2 week production time! If you need sooner than that just message me in your order



* You get one large folding fan made from sturdy and durable thick hard plastic!

* Larger than normal fan! Opens 13 inches tall and 25 inches across (When extended)

* Fans only have glitter one side, unless requested double-sided.

* You can use a different blend of colors for the background of the EDC fan if desired.

* Glitter will last through multiple uses with care, folding won't hurt it. The glitter coverage will stay full, but with longer and consistent use some glitter naturally does come off. They have been pre-tested and treated with extra glitter. I offer a guarantee for free touchups if a need arises, but it shouldn't.

* Fits easily inside the pouch of your camelback or waterpack to the side of the bladder for easy carrying.

* Available in solid color glitter fans as well without the EDC letters, just choose your color at checkout. *Solid glitter fans are not typically "holographic" glitter depending on availability. If you need this then please send me a message or put your request in the notes.

* Great for dancing, opens with a snap of the wrist for snapping along to the beat!

* Made from solid nylon material

* 5 Acrylic Jewel Crystals may be added along the edge for a small extra fee.

* Glitter can vary from normal sized to very fine depending on availability. But all glitters shine in the sun.

* The fans blade sticks are exposed on one side.

* Customize-able in other ways too such as Ombre of a single color! Just message me with questions!

* If you would like a large order for a rave crew, bachelorette or wedding just message me!

** For bases with color, "blue for example has fabric and blue plastic base unless otherwise specified**


Feel free to ask any questions!!!
<3 <3 <3 PLUR

** Item will have slight variation or minor flaws due to being handmade, we strive to match the photo exactly**