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Cancer Horoscope Sign

Cancer Horoscope Sign

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Gorgeous Cancer Horoscope Sign Sunglasses!

For the loyal ride or die babez! Only the sleekest shades for the deepest souls!

For the intuitive, loyal and caring fashionistas!

Mesmerize your friends and dazzle at the beach with these unique shades!

Perfect for going out on the town, birthdays and gifts alike!




* Metal Frame, comes with a pouch sleeve, adjustable nose pads

* Some styles are available in alternative colors and shapes, mirror or transparent if you want to customize.

* Customization is available

*** Please allow all custom glasses take 1-3 weeks to complete and ship depending on the charms and style you select. 

* Product lifetime guarantee, if anything were to ever happen to them I'll fix them for free :)


*** Check out our Instagram page below to see pictures of the many different color and style variations to choose from.


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Feel free to message with any questions!

*** These items are handmade and we strive for exactly like the picture but there may be slight variation**

*Don't see a color with charms you like? I offer many others( which may take up to 2 extra weeks for shipping and creation)