Rave Pasties                   – Rave Fashion Goddess                                              

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Rave Pasties-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Pasties-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Pasties-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rave Pasties-Rave Fashion Goddess

Rave Pasties

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Amazing "Molly" MDMA and LSD Rave Pasties!

To dazzle up your nips, tassle your tits and spangle your mammaries!
Your tatas are gonna be lit with these awesome pasties!

Peace Love Unity Respect!
Perfect gift for any fellow raver, edm fan or Kandi Kid!
Subtlety and secretly represent your affinity to your PLURfamily!!!!!

These are decorated with fine glitter, Kandi beads spelling "MDMA" and the molecular structure of MDMA symbol.

MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy, is a heart opener which increases the sense of intimacy and diminishes anxiety with others , which can induce euphoria and mild psychedelia. It connects to one´s heart and universal love.
It causes a high release of dopamine and seratonin which is known to be the "hormone of happiness"(methylenedioxyphenethylamine)

Get two "MDMA" pasties or Mix and match!!

These pasties are sure to turn heads!

Perfect for performing, a sexy night out or your next festival like EDC ! These pasties are legit and lit !!

Get admiration and props from both girls and guys while you roam the fest!
Make your EDC outfit complete and stand out with these cute pasties!
You'll feel amazing, sexy and confident showing these off!

These are attached to a slightly curved foam base that fits perfectly for you. There is felt inside the back center for your comfort.

The measure 2.5 tall by 3.5 long. The base nipple cover is 2.30 in diameter and can be easily trimmed with scissors as needed.

Very sturdy, well made and reusable.


*1 Pair of Pasties

- You can request a larger coverage area size as needed. (include in the notes)

* Can handle various attachment methods.

*Re-useable and Easy to use and wearable all night long.

*Each pair is hand cut.

* Comes with an option to include fashion tape with your pasties*

* I can do custom glitter colors or glitter blends


* Adhesive backed sticker
* Fashion Tape
* Double stick tape/ flash tape
* Spirit gum
* Eyelash glue - made for the skin
* Toupee tape/ wig tape (you can buy on amazon)

Wear this molecular as a reminder of the happiness and love in your own life, it's essence rubs off and is a constant reminder in your day to day life.

Many studies, particularly in the fields of psychology and cognitive therapy, have suggested that MDMA has therapeutic benefits. Clinical trials are now testing the positive therapeutic potential of MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety associated with terminal cancer.

Feel free to ask any questions!!!

<3 <3 <3 PLUR

** Item will have slight variation due to being handmade, we strive to match the photo exactly**
** Don't be shy to ask any questions**