Rose Quartz Pipe                   – Rave Fashion Goddess                                              

All items are made to order, 2-4 week timeline for your order to ship.

Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess
Rose Quartz Pipe-Rave Fashion Goddess

Rose Quartz Pipe

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Amazing Customized Gemstone Rose Quartz Pipe !

Have the perfect personalized pipe to your personality and style!

Every pipe is made to order, customize your pipe with any embellishment charm you can think of!

Go with minimalist decoration, personalized letters or initials, and gorgeous gems and miniature stones! I also have adorable metal symbols and character charms.

Don't see what you need? I can customize your pipes color, stone type and charms, just message me!

Get a unique custom crystal pipe that's perfect for music festivals, rave and events! Use it for display, or for it's crystal energy properties, ritual and spiritual smoking ceremonies, or to show off to your friends, it's the perfect customized gift!

Sure to turn heads, you'll be a glamorous smoking goddess!!

I have included a picture of some of the charms I have available, but I can do any that you like and send you pictures of the available options of what you are looking for.

*You can add to your order a pipe carrying case or extra metal filters in my shop!

If you would like to order more than 1 pipe, please message me and I'll created a combined shipping custom listing for you.

<<<*** This product is intended for display or tobacco use only. You must be 18 years or older to purchase. For personalized use only ***>>>>

** Please include which charms you want in the notes**

** Stones that are listed are currently in stock and will have a ship time of 1-2 weeks.


**** If you need an item quickly please message me before purchasing.

* (3-6 days) If both your stone and your charms are in my stock your item can be made and shipped quickly depending on the customization.

* (1-3 weeks) If your type of stone you want or some of the charms you want are not in stock I will need to order more raw stones and charms from my wholesale supplier which may take 1-3 weeks depending on the type you need. That being said I try as much as possible to ship out even custom orders within a 1-2 weeks. Please plan accordingly and message me if you are concerned about this time, as it could take a month to receive your item, including the time to make, ship and traveling time.

*Most stones you can pay an extra $10 if you need the item rush ordered for creation. If you need your pipe by a specific time please message me to see that this is possible.

* If I don't receive a note in the order or within 2 weeks from purchase about which charms you want I may send a plain pipe, or generic charms*


Feel free to message with any questions!

***It is difficult to capture crystals true appearance, multifaceted semi precious stones and natural crystals are very hard to reproduce in photographs because of the different stone facets and fluctuating shifts in color. I have tried to presently the gems accurately as best as possible to reality. They all look incredibly brilliant in person. All the stones are natural crystals or natural semi-precious stones, they are all unique and variation in color shape and size will occur. If you order a custom pipe or one not currently ready to ship I will send a picture before shipping to with you. When purchasing no refund or returns can be made on the basis of coloring***

Some examples of other types of stones available: Pink Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal Quartz, Black Obsidian, Yellow Quartz, Labradorite, Opal, Purple Striped Flourite, Brown Striped Flourite, Tourmaline, Transparent Purple, White Turquoise, Blue Goldstone, Red Jasper, Dragon Blood Stone Quartz, Red Jasper, Yellow Angel Aura Quartz, Blue Quartz, Astrophyllite Blue "Fireworks" Starburst Stone, Blue Quartz with skull point tip, Sandstone, Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Green Snowflake Stone, Round Sea Stone, Marbled Peach Quartz, Bright Purple Glass, Ammonite Fossil, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, Epidote, Blue Sandstone, Blue Smelting, Jade, Kambaba, Bamboo Leaf Stone, Red Smelting, Yellow Smelting