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Custom Festival Gold Spoon Necklace featuring a "WTF?!" centerpiece charm on a large scoop size gold spoon pendant base.
Custom Spoon Scoop Size Examples

Gold Spoon Necklace

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Custom Festival Gold Spoon Necklace

featuring a fun "WTF?!" centerpiece charm on a large scoop size gold spoon pendant base.

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Gorgeous and unique spoon pendants to wear to your next rave, festival or event! Great for birthdays and for gifts to your friends, get matching ones for your whole squad!

Also for repping spoon theory and lookin' stylish!

Choose your charms, crystals and wire wrapping! We will custom create the exact spoon necklace that you want!

Can be used for tea, herbs, perfume, essential oils, scooping kief/flower/packing bowls etc.

Truly one of a kind! a touch of magic!

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* Choose any color chain or get with a suede/string if desired.

** MADE TO ORDER items may take 2-3 weeks to ship, if you have specific events you need pieces for please include the event date in the messages during checkout.

* A lobster claw can be added to the top if you would like to be able to detach the spoon from the necklace whenever you please and be able to stash it where ever you like for stealth purposes.

* You can buy the spoon plain or customize it with different color wire wrapping, any type of charms, different size crystals, jewels or gemstones as desired. I can acquire any fandom, logo, icon or character charms you want, you can include which charms or themes you want or prefer in the order notes.

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