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Rainbow Face Chain
Rainbow Face Chain
Rainbow Face Chain
Rainbow Face Chain
Rainbow Face Chain

Rainbow Face Chain

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Rainbow Face Chain

The world is your runway in this stunning rainbow anodized face chain with hammered arrow pendants to hold it in place, the perfect festival adornment! lightweight and fun to wear this is the perfect accent piece to show off your inner rave queen energy!

Elevate your everyday style with this elegant accessory! unique and handmade face jewelry to show your personality and style!

Great for trips to music festivals, raves, themed events, or just to match your everyday vibe! You'll be turning heads and everyone will want to know where you got these!

Show off to your friends, and it's a great customized gift for birthdays, or matching festival squads!

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* Comes with a soft protective pouch for carrying.

* Lightweight and hypoallergenic

* Customization is available!



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