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Stash Necklace with Spoon

The most perfect Stash Necklace with optional spoon for all of your needs. Inlaid with gemstone and glass and iridescent stones that sparkle and shine. It has a hidden compartment either as a screw top or just a small hole that can be filled with a mini funnel (provided). Fill it will anything you like: essential oils, perfume, cash, gum, keepsakes, pet's ashes, powders/herbs, medicine/pills etc. These also function great as a snuff necklace. It has an option for a spoon hidden inside the lid or a detachable spoon outside of the pendant that can be put on the necklace chain. Your choice of pendant interior chamber size, gemstone colors, and spoon size, necklace length and charm options can also be customized to your hearts desire.
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