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Most items are made to order, there's a 2-6 week timeline for your order to be made and shipped out. Some items are ready to ship and will ship right away. Message me if you have a question :)


About Us

Hi! My name is Rachelle, I'm a Hippie, Raver and Burner that has been running my own business since 2015, but only in the past few years have I transformed it to what it is now.

Rave Fashion Goddess is my fashion brand, a small handmade US business based in California. I prioritize quality products and reliable customer service. I guarantee your full satisfaction with all my art pieces 
Rave Fashion Goddess is all about putting yourself out there and being unabashedly yourself, no matter who that self is you don't need to dictate who you are, how you act or what you wear by what the "IN" crowd is doing or what others would approve of

We want you to be your most EXTRA in your everyday life when it comes to expressing and discovering your inner self! However that looks! Whether that's through fashion, rave outfits and costumes or just speaking your mind and living your life fully and authentically without altering your self expression or dimming your light to try and please others.

From a young age I didn't realize that I was unknowingly an electronic music fan, but as a teenager I enjoyed jamming out to the likes of Bass Hunter, Robert Miles, ATB, Fatboy Slim etc. in high school, but somehow I had never really got into the rave scene.

In 2010 I was going through a dark period in my life when I was invited to my first "Rave", It was Nocturnal Wonderland and my friend just randomly said to me one day "do you want to go a a fairy rave?" without knowing what that even was my response was a resounding "YES!" LOL I had no idea how that one casual invite would change my life and lead me to where I am now. 

The Nocturnal Wonderland event blew my mind and changed my whole perspective on life. I was literally in awe of the music, the art, the fashion and most of all the creativity and freedom self expression that I saw.Throughout the following years both the music and the scene healed me and I was able to experience PLUR on such a profound level that I became obsessed with showing and giving others the same experience that had brought me so much freedom of self expression, self love and pure joy. 

I healed parts of myself I didn't know were broken. I was welcomed with open arms, at these events all the nerds, weirdos, and outcasts that society hasn't always accepted became part of an unspoken family. No one cared what your sex, background, race, sexuality, looks or status was it was a place where everyone could be themselves

I was had been a part of the nerdy cosplay community since I was young, and I was always attending Comic Con since age 15, obsessed with sci-f-/fantasy books and movies I loved playing dress up and making elaborate costumes for fun.

So as I developed as a raver I had an obsession with making the most unique outfits and accessories that couldn't be found in your average store( they also weren't even sold in the mainstream at the time). Every festival became an exciting project for me to find or make a one-of-a-kind outfit that I loved and would make me feel like a princess or some character in a movie!, but at an affordable price.... 
I was very into Halloween and dressing up, it was an obsession that I never grew out of and soon other ravers started to take notice of my skills and talents of putting together outfits and crafting up a storm.
I left my well paying job at corporate for a movie studio to start my own business and pursue my dream of making these amazing outfits and accessories for others as well. I wanted other ravers in the scene to have unique pieces that made them feel like a queen! and to bring out their inner confidence so that they could embody and feel like the Goddesses they really are on the inside and out.
My goal was to give others a little piece of fun and joy, something to make them feel truly at home in their own skin and fully self expressed :)
I have recently partnered with another fellow raver named Eric who is an amazing addition to the team, we are both two fashion obsessed ravers with a deep connection to and support of the LGBTQ+ community. 

"Our mission is to create pieces that evoke the courage to express your individuality out in the world, there's only one you in the whole universe and only YOU can sing that unique song in the world like no one else can. Fun, Play and Joy is our birthright, so if you want to, the universe absolutely gives you permission to SLAY!"

Our shop items are available through our website, ETSY and Instagram, while we specialize is accessories such as sunglasses, stash pendants, jewelry, and headpieces/crowns we are open to all customs and expanding next year to apparel.

Outside of Fashion, Rachelle and Eric are known in the Rave Community for their love and advocacy for Harm Reduction and non-biased drug education as well as mental health awareness.  We try to use our skills in peer-to-peer counseling and professional trip sitting to try and make the rave scene a safe and non-judgmental space by advocating for responsible drug use and de-stigmatizing mental health within the scene.